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The Statute of AGISEE, the association for geospatial information in South-East Europe, defines the governance of the Association. In its Article 19, it defines that "The bodies of the association shall be the general assembly of the association, the managing board and the president of the association". This means that AGISEE consists of all its members, its managing board and the president.

The managing board of the association consists of the president and six ordinary members. It directs the activities of the association, defines the strategy and the finances of the association under the leadership of the president (Article 33 of the Statute). He organizes the activities of the association and represents the association in all countries (Article 34). The work of the association is supported by its executive secretary, who carries out the daily management of the activities of the association. The executive secretary is the first contact point for the members and maintains communication with all members of the association.

Technical work according to the strategic objectives and priorities of the association is carried out by working groups. Recently, the AGISEE working group for education has been launched.

The managing board and the president of the association have been elected at the last general assemblies that took place on 16 March 2011 in Sofia, Bulgaria and on 29 September 2012 in Zagreb, Croatia.

Ulrich Boes (Bulgaria) has been elected president of the association and member of the managing board. The other four elected members of the managing board are Kamen Iliev (Bulgaria), Lazo Petrushevski (Republic of Macedonia), Radu Predescu (Romania), and Rahmi Celik (Turkey). These personalities have been elected as members of the managing board because of their vast experience in the area and the geographical region. They participate in the managing board as individuals and do not represent any organization to which they might belong.

The executive secretary of the association is Raina Pavlova (Bulgaria). You can contact her at:

  • Tel./Fax: +359 2 8702878
  • Email: , or





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