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SDI (Spatial Data Infrastructure)

Spatial Data Infrastructures aim at making spatial data and thus content available for the benefit of the economy and of the society. The wider vision of a spatial data infrastructure is of "an unimpeded sharing of the description and knowledge of the territory in terms of geolocated information covering the current, past and future situations".

A spatial data infrastructure encompasses the:

  • policies,
  • organizational remits,
  • data,
  • technologies,
  • standards,
  • delivery mechanisms and
  • financial and human resources

necessary to ensure that those working at global and regional scale are not impeded in meeting their objectives.


The Infrastructure for Spatial information in Europe initiative was launched with the aim of making available relevant, harmonized and quality GI for the purpose of formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of Community policy-making. The objective is to arrive at an agreed European legal framework that will focus on the needs of environmental policy as a whole.

On June 23, 2004 the proposal for INSPIRE directive was adopted by the European Commission. The INSPIRE Proposal will be used as a starting point for the practical preparations of the future implementation of the INSPIRE Directive.

For more information visit the INSPIRE web site.





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