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AGISEE creates and manages working groups on specific topics, which are related to AGISEE's general mission and strategic objectives and priorities which are at the same time of interest to the members of the association and correspond to a need in the region of South-East Europe.

An AGISEE Working Group pursues the following general objectives:

  1. Define a specific topic in more detail, which includes the state of the art in general and in the region of South-East Europe, the requirements and needs of the region, and the activities to be undertaken by AGISEE. This definition activity would result in a position or white paper that during the further work of the Working Group would be revised.

  2. Publish its position paper at conferences, internationally and in the region, on the Internet and distributes it to relevant stakeholders.

  3. Discuss the position or white paper with interested parties internationally and in the region to obtain their input for further strategic work on the topic and for future versions of the paper.

  4. Obtain support and collaboration from other parties, who could be members of AGISEE, relevant stakeholders in the region or internationally.

Important for a Working Group will be the collaboration with international associations or groups.

The Working Group consists normally of a small group of AGISEE members - non members could be admitted - who know the specific topic and the relevant stakeholders in the region and internationally. The Working Group is chaired by a Working Group leader, elected by the members, who pushes forward the activities. A Working Group will have an agreed activity plan which it follows for its work.

At the moment (March 2012), AGISEE has a working group on Education with a white paper on education as foundation of their work. A second working group on standardisation will be created during 2012.





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