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The AGISEE Education Working Group was created in 2011 with its White Paper "THE EDUCATION CHALLENGE FOR THE GEODETIC AND SPATIAL DATA INFRASTRUCTURE PROFESSION" that is available to the members of AGISEE for download. The White Paper starts from the observation that education is recognised part of geodesy and SDI strategies but does in practice not seem to be a priority although it is a determining factor for the future of the profession.

The White Paper has been published at the first Serbian Geodetic Congress, Belgrade, December 1st - 3rd, 2011 and presented by Ulrich Boes, president of AGISEE. It can be downloaded here.

VisionAGISEE aims to contribute to the discussion of education and requests setting higher priority for the development of new curricula and new educational approaches. A strong need is seen for improving continuous education in the region.
Mission AGISEE has formulated four strands of action as part of its educational strategy, which are
  1. Dialogue,
  2. Awareness Creation,
  3. Promotion and
  4. Financing.
Objectives and

The Education Working Group is building on the four strands and aims at presenting comprehensive structuring of the education field in SEE, emphasising continuous education. The next step will be to provide a detailed overview of continuous education schemes including respective certification schemes, analyse them and try to make them available and adapt them to the countries of South-East Europe. AGISEE will establish contacts with professional organizations for gaining support and collaboration with stakeholders in GIS-education domains.

After the initial analysis phase, the Education Working Group will prepare a detailed action plan in order to enable concrete outputs and continuation of the work by:

  • engaging stakeholders in the field,
  • proposing regional synchronization of the field,
  • publishing the results,
  • discussing the results and the forthcoming work at experts gatherings,
  • promoting best practice cases and
  • approaching funds for putting in practice acquired conclusions from the treated activities.
Members The following personalities have agreed to drive forward the vision of the Education Working Group:
  • Drazen Tutic, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Geodesy, Zagreb, Croatia

  • Raina Pavlova, Technical University of Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria

  • Bashkim IDRIZI, University of Tetova, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Tetova, Macedonia

  • Vesna Posloncec-Petric, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Geodesy, Zagreb, Croatia

These core members of the Working Group act as domain leaders of the targeted educative domains: SDI, Universities, Lifelong Learning Programs, Projects/Best Practice Cases, Associations and Conferences.





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