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The Association of Geospatial Information in South-East Europe (AGISEE) is a non-for-profit organization, which supports the development of spatial data infrastructures (SDI) working with organisations in South-East Europe to develop their own initiatives for data access and data sharing, nationally and regionally, for the benefit of all groups of the society in South-East Europe in need of geospatial information (GI). AGISEE collaborates with local, national, and international organisations to ensure that geospatial data, services, and meta data are available through interoperable standards-based services, systems and software.

The success of AGISEE depends on the quality of its members and their commitment to the association, as well as on the partnerships with public, private, academic, and non-governmental organisations.

AGISEE is unique in the sense that it works for the benefit of the GI sector in South-East Europe as a whole. The most important activities, which the association performs, are raising awareness for GI issues and for the importance of collaboration; provision of information; training; promotion of standards and new technology; intermediation; advice and consultancy.

The mission of AGISEE is to:

  • Serve as a point of contact and effective voice for South-East European organizations and institutions involved in creating, maintaining, providing, using geospatial information;
  • Promote and foster the development of spatial data infrastructures and the sharing of geospatial information on local, regional, interregional and global scale;
  • Establish and sustain international contacts and to work for the strengthening of mutual collaboration and support between all GI communities.

To achieve its mission, AGISEE focuses on four strategic priorities:

  1. Standards and Interoperability
  2. Open Market
  3. Education
  4. Financing of Spatial Data Infrastructures

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You can download the Strategic plan of AGISEE as a pdf file: AGISEE Strategic Plan (pdf 270 KB)

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